Rate Limits

The API usage will be subject to rate limitations based on your chosen plan. These limitations are quantified in rpm (requests per minute), and your request frequency is gauged over a one-minute timeframe.
For instance, if your rate limit is set at 100 rpm, you are allowed to initiate 100 requests within a single minute.
It's important to note that this rate limit pertains to your entire Organization as a unified entity, irrespective of factors like IP, Access Token. Should you surpass the specified rate limit, any excess requests might be declined, accompanied by a 429 Too Many Requests response code. This condition will persist until the rate limit resets at the commencement of the subsequent minute window.
Occasionally, we might introduce extra, temporary rate limits to ensure the consistent stability of our service. To work harmoniously within these rate limits, we recommend implementing suitable retry mechanisms and incorporating exponential backoffs into your approach.