Indoor Direction

Stoovo's API also helps navigate users seamlessly within buildings. It pinpoints key points of interest, including leasing offices, delivery lockers, elevators, stairs, and more, providing users with step-by-step guidance within complex indoor spaces.


  1. Efficient Wayfinding: No more getting lost in expansive buildings or complexes. Users are provided clear, step-by-step directions to their desired destination within the structure.

  2. Time Savings: Deliveries to lockers, visits to leasing offices, or locating elevators become quicker, resulting in saved time for businesses and individuals.

  3. Enhanced User Experience: Whether a first-time visitor or a regular, the ease of indoor navigation significantly improves the overall experience within the building.

  4. Safety Benefits: In emergencies, quickly navigating to exits or safety zones can be life-saving.

  5. Resource Optimization: Ensuring that staff or clients can quickly locate key POIs for businesses operating within large buildings enhances operational efficiency.

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