Stoovo's Building Boundary provides comprehensive polygonal representations of building footprints, encapsulating the precise boundaries of structures. Covering 98% of buildings across the U.S., our API grants access to detailed geometrical outlines that trace the exact perimeters of buildings.


  1. Precision & Coverage: With 98% of U.S. buildings in our database, partners can confidently access nearly exhaustive and accurate building footprint data.

  2. Enhanced Geospatial Analysis: The polygonal data allows for more intricate geospatial analyses, from delivery services and urban planning to real estate assessments.

  3. Resource Optimization: Companies in logistics, real estate, or infrastructure planning can optimize routing, site selection, and more by leveraging exact building boundaries.

  4. High-Quality Data Assurance: Rigorous data verification processes ensure the building boundaries are consistently up-to-date and accurate, minimizing potential discrepancies or outdated information.

By integrating Stoovo's API, partners are empowered with high-definition spatial data, setting the foundation for smarter decision-making and enhanced operational efficiencies.

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