Data Quality

At Stoovo, our commitment to addressing data quality is unwavering. To uphold this unparalleled standard of excellence, we incorporate the following strategies:

  • Standardization: All address data adheres to a uniform structure, facilitating easy ingestion, comparability, and compatibility.

  • Aggregation: By sourcing address data from many distinct sources, we can continuously cross-check and validate for utmost accuracy.

  • Spam Filtering: We prioritize quality over quantity. Our meticulous spam filtering protects you from dubious or irrelevant data. While we encounter significant noise in the data we collect, we take pride in delivering a pristine dataset with a 0% spam rate.

  • Geocoding: Stoovo emphasizes precision in geocoding. By integrating multiple services, we achieve a remarkable 97% accuracy rate, surpassing competitors by about 13%. We cross-reference address data to ensure details are spot-on, preventing misdirection. In our philosophy, small refinements translate to major impacts.

  • De-duplication: We're resolute in eliminating redundancy. If, for example, two delivery drivers and a tenant relay identical information about a building, our system efficiently integrates these details, ensuring the final record is comprehensive and accurate.

  • Ranking: Each address is subjected to our intricate quality scoring system. Addresses that don't meet our stringent quality benchmark are meticulously reviewed manually and in person, aided by our expansive 100K+ user network. Among the critical metrics we evaluate are spam rates, frequency of duplicated addresses, geolocation accuracy, and competitive comparisons.

Our steadfast dedication to address data quality is reinforced by our Vision A.I and Machine learning models working tirelessly.

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