Stoovo's address API offers meticulous location data pinpointing buildings' precise entrance and exit points. This granularity extends beyond mere building footprints, diving into the specifics of entry and egress, an essential aspect for various applications.


  1. Precision Access: Our API doesn't just stop at the building boundary; it drills down to the exact spots where one can enter or leave, ensuring unambiguous location data.

  2. Tailored for Deliveries: For delivery companies, knowing the exact entrance saves precious minutes, reduces confusion, and enhances the overall efficiency of delivery routes. No more guessing or circling the building!

  3. Critical for Emergency Services: In emergencies, every second counts. Whether it's a fire brigade, ambulance, or police service, having precise entrance and exit data can be life-saving. It ensures rapid response without the loss of crucial moments identifying access points.

  4. Continuous Updates: Buildings change, and so do access points. Our rigorous data verification and update processes ensure the entrance and exit data remains contemporary and accurate.

  5. Operational Excellence: Beyond emergency and delivery services, any operation that requires building access - from maintenance to utilities - can significantly benefit from this precise data, optimizing tasks and appointments.

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